Where are we?

The 'Scenic 61' mobile kitchen has moved to Canal Park from now through the end of October 2021!

We are parked in "Lift Bridge Park" just off Lake Avenue, outside the south end of the "Garden Duluth" building (formerly The Sports Garden).

We'll be open there every day beginning at 11am and closing at 7pm*

*All dates and times are subject to change or cancellation based on weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


  • Sashimi Tuna Tacos - $14

    ahi tuna, avocado, thai slaw, peanut dressing, sesame soy, pickled ginger, wasabi, fried wonton

  • Salmon Burger - $16

    cucumber, cilantro, wasabi mayo, black brioche

  • Lobster Roll - $24

    maine lobster, mayo, cholula, new england bun

  • Banh Mi - $14

    chicken confit, pate, pickled carrot & daikon, sriracha mayo, cilantro

  • Laab Moo - $13

    pork, peanuts, coconut, ginger, cucumber, romaine, herbs

  • Kids Meal - $10

    chicken tenders, fresh fruit, pickle, juice box

  • Sides

    french fries - $4

    pickled beets - $5

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